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Hey you found me…Great!

That’s Step One.

connect with 

Joelle Sebastian-Dean

STEP TWO is to CONNECT with me…and see how easy I’ve made it for you? Call, email, text, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Zillow, OR click “Contact Me”…and BOOM…we are on our way to making some great memories together. Well maybe, or we could just have a brief conversation, but either way I’m looking forward to it. LOL

I’m the “Little Sister” to the ever popular and growing Property Sisters of the Mohawk Valley. I spent 24 years in Corporate Management…*yawn, boring*…but that’s where I mastered my skills for creative problem solving and achieving desired results.

What result do you want? Presumably, you want help with the purchase of your new home and/or selling your current house.

So…What are you waiting for??

Step TWOOOOO…..Remember? Connect with me and then let’s move on to Step THREE….having some fun while we get your home bought or sold!


Joelle Sebastian-Dean

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